Nintendo Being Sued by Gamevice Over Alleged Patent Violation by Switch Controllers

Nintendo is being sued by mobile gaming accessory maker Gamevice, on the alleged infringement of the company's patents.

Nintendo is being sued by a U.S. mobile gaming accessory company claiming the controllers for the Nintendo Switch console infringe on a patent it owns.

Gamevice, which makes video game controllers to attach to smartphones and tablets, is demanding Nintendo to stop making and selling the Switch, and wants to be paid for damages.

The company had this to say when filing the complaint in California:

“Nintendo’s infringement has caused, and is continuing to cause, damage and irreparable injury to Gamevice,”

The lawsuit filed by Gamevice claims the design of the Switch, which uses two Joy-Con controllers that can slide onto the actual Switch unit to allow for portable gaming, infringes on at least one of the many patents the company owns.

One of the company’s products called the Gamevice works in a similar way to the Joy-Cons, using two controllers which can attach to and detach from Android and Apple devices. The Gamevice allows player to control their video games using joysticks and buttons, similar to a traditional gaming experience, rather than using the device’s touchscreen.

Gamevice, which was created under the name Wikipad in 2008 and co-founded by the current CEO of Oculus VR Brendan Iribe, was granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in September 2015, around a year before the Switch was first revealed to the market. Gamevice claims Nintendo has either directly or indirectly infringed on its patent.

Now that the complaint has been filed, the court should issue a summons to the defendants, in this case Nintendo and its subsidiary Nintendo of America. The complaint did not say how much these damages would be worth.

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