Nintendo Switch Has Surpassed 10 Million Units Sold in Japan

Nintendo Switch Has Surpassed 10 Million Units Sold in Japan

Nintendo has announced the latest sales total for the Switch in Japan and it's very impressive given the size of the country.

Just a few weeks back, Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo Switch had now sold over 15 million units in the region of North America alone. Today, it was revealed just how well the platform has done in Nintendo’s home country of Japan.

Japan has now seen over 10 million Switch units sold in the country, Nintendo announced today via a news release. This total is made up of both standard Switch consoles and the newly released Switch Lite. While this figure is less than what has been sold here in North America, the total is actually pretty staggering when you take into account that Japan only has about 20% of the population of North America. Turns out that Japanese folks still love themselves some handheld Nintendo platforms.

In total around the world, Nintendo also recently announced that the Switch has surpassed 41 million units now. For not even being three years old, it’s been pretty crazy to see how successful the Switch has been since hitting store shelves in March 2017.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the Switch will also surely continue to sell incredibly well through the remainder of the year. Not to mention, Nintendo still has major releases slated for the rest of 2019 with titles like Pokemon Sword and Shield that will surely help sell more consoles.

At its current trajectory, it seems likely that Nintendo will reach the 50 million mark for the Nintendo Switch before the console’s third anniversary. While the platform continues to sell very well though, it still has quite a way to go if it wants to one day pass the sales of the PS4.