Nintendo Switch Passes 3 Million Units Sold in Japan After Extremely Strong Week

Nintendo Switch Passes 3 Million Units Sold in Japan After Extremely Strong Week

The Nintendo Switch appears to be unstoppable in Japan. After an extremely solid Christmas week, it has passed three million units sold locally.

The latest Media Create data, combined with Historical figures from the same source, revealed that the Nintendo Switch has passed three million units sold in Japan as of December 24th.

To be more precise, the Switch sold 269,684 units between December 18th and December 24th, reaching a grand total of  3,178,100 units.

This was achieved very quickly, in 296 days since the console’s release on March 3rd, 2017. That’s just shy of ten months.

The console has been affected by extreme shortages for months, and only lately Nintendo has been able to ship sizable numbers of units. This prompted customers to purchase the hybrid console in the hundreds of thousands across the whole month of December. For instance, last week 221, 210 Nintendo Switch units found a loving Japanese home, and the trend appears not to be even close to slowing down. It will probably continue at least until the first week of January, when Japanese parents gift money to their kids due to the “Otoshidama” New Year tradition, generating one last strong Holiday shopping week.

Relevant games also sold extremely solid numbers, including 1,668,466 copies of the current best-seller Splatoon 2, 1,292,281 copies of Super Mario Odyssey, 1,045,438 copies of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and 738,026 units of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Looking at the worldwide market, Nintendo recently announced that the Switch has sold ten million units as of December 12th. That being said, it’s quite likely that that figure is largely obsolete now.