Nintendo Switch Official Accessories Prices and Descriptions Announced

Nintendo Switch Official Accessories Prices and Descriptions Announced

Following Nintendo Switch’s Tokyo Livestream, Nintendo rolled out more information about their official accessories for the upcoming home console. Hopeful gamers will likely be shocked by the price tags of a few items:

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: $69.99


The more traditional controller, which seems to mirror and improve on the Wii U version, is coming in at around $70. Worth noting, the Pro Controller also includes HD rumble, motion control and amiibo functionality.

Joy-Con Wheel (Set of 2): $14.99


Perfect for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Joy-Con wheel comes fairly cheap and attaches to the Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo Switch Dock Set: $89.99


Nintendo Switch owners will have the option to purchase multiple docks to move their Switch around a variety of TVs. Easily the most expensive accessory, the dock comes with an HDMI and a charging cable.

Joy-Con Charging Grip: $29.99


In order to ease minds, the Charging Grip will be available to Switch owners for roughly $30. As you would imagine, the grip charges the Joy-Con controllers, offering extended play.

Joy-Con Controllers: $79.99


For a brand new set of controllers, players will need to shell out roughly $80. The controllers come out (initially) in the four different versions, seen above.

Joy-Con (L)/Joy-Con (R): $49.99



While the $80 price tag may seem expensive, the controllers individually cost $50 each.