Nintendo Switch’s Activity Information “Glitches” on One-Year Anniversary

Nintendo Switch’s Activity Information “Glitches” on One-Year Anniversary

Nintendo Switch may not have a formal Activity Log, but it seems like the Kyoto-based publisher is working to fix playtime recording errors in its UI.

Over the week in Nintendo-fanbase controversy, one new flashpoint came to life: an issue with playtime listings on the Nintendo Switch on the anniversary of the handheld console’s one year anniversary. Thankfully, Nintendo has addressed the situation in a social media post that should give a breath of relief to logistics-oriented Nintendo fans.


The issue started being noticed in dedicated Nintendo communities on Reddit and YouTube when people realized that their activity feed was being wiped away, leading many to wonder if the function was limited to only recording a year. While many may not care about keeping track of those logistics, there is a dedicated sub-set of Nintendo Switch fans that have been clamoring for a Wii-like Activity Log that more thoroughly keeps track of playtime. This, to them, was an obvious step back.

Nintendo responded fairly quickly, noting that it is an “issue” and more information will be shared in the near future:

One thing that Nintendo fails to mention about it if this is a technical glitch or if, instead, this is a designed part of the hardware and UI that just isn’t going over well with the very passionate community.

Nintendo Switch released a year ago yesterday on March 3, 2017 to initial luke-warm reviews, especially from DualShockers. However, after months of continued sales success and amazing releases, the handheld-gone-console hardware has more than earned its place in any gamer’s living room.