Nintendo Switch: Here Are the Approximate Dimensions of Nintendo’s New Console

Nintendo Switch: Here Are the Approximate Dimensions of Nintendo’s New Console

Today Nintendo finally unveiled the Switch, its new console that was previously code named “NX.” While the announcement did not come with official dimensions or form data, the trailer did provide us with an element that allows to calculate the approximate size of the machine. This is rather relevant considering that it’s supposed to be portable.

On the shelf close to console there is a set of amiibo, and the sizes of Nintendo’s collectible figures are a known quantity.


For instance, in the images below you can check out the dimensions of Peach’s amiibo, courtesy of Russ Plummer.

First of all, examining the video, we notice that the width and height of the body/screen portion of the console is the same as the base. All we have left is to start pixel counting.

The measurements below has been calculated using multiple amiibo as reference, and compensating (slightly) for perspective. Keep in mind that they include a degree of approximation, but they should be close enough to give you a good idea on the size of the console, and on how it compares with other portable machines.

The body/screen portion of the console should be about 10.234 cm (4.029 inches) tall and 16.746 cm (6.593 inches) wide. The same goes for the base. Each of the controller handles that attach to the body should be roughly 3.176 cm (1.251 inches) wide.

This means that the fully assembled console should be about 23.098 cm wide. That translates to 9.094 inches.

The screen should be roughly 13.410 x 7.826, with a diagonal of  15.527 cm. For those using inches, it’s 5.280 x 3.081 with a diagonal of 6.113 inches. Counting the degree of approximation, this appears to confirm the rumors mentioning that the console is equipped with a 6.2 inches screen.

This means that  the portable part of the console, when fully assembled, should be smaller than a Wii U gamepad, which measures 25.9 cm x  13.5 cm (10.2 inches x 5.3 inches).

A New Nintendo 3DS XL (closed) measures 16 cm x 9.35 cm (6.299 inches x 3.681), so a fully assembled Switch should be considerably wider, but it should take less vertical space than the older console when opened.

A PCH-2000 PS Vita measures 18.36 cm (7.23 inches)  x 8.51 cm (3.35 inches), which means that an assembled switch should be a bit bigger than Sony’s portable.

Again, these dimensions include a degree of approximation, but should give you a pretty good idea of how the console will fit in your pocket. Hopefully Nintendo will provide official data soon.