Nintendo Switch is Finally Making Its Way to Brazil

Nintendo Switch is Finally Making Its Way to Brazil

After the system's launch in most regions three years ago, the Nintendo Switch will be heading to Brazil sometime in the near future.

For over three years now, the Nintendo Switch has emerged as one of the most popular gaming platforms around in a number of different countries. Though the system has seen widespread success in areas such as the US and Europe, only recently did the system make its way to other territories and major markets such as China. As far as regions that the Switch hasn’t hit yet, Brazil is next on the list with Nintendo bringing the system to the South American country in the near future.

Nintendo has officially announced that the Nintendo Switch will be making its way to Brazil, allowing those in the country to purchase the system without importing sometime in the near future. While Nintendo didn’t give an exact launch date for the system’s release in the country just yet, they did say that it will “be coming soon.”

While the Switch has been widely available in numerous countries and regions since its release in 2017, Nintendo hasn’t had its consoles available in Brazil since 2015. This was due specifically to the country’s significantly high taxes on importing its products; as a result, Brazilian customers had to resort to either importing the system or relying on resellers, which comes at a much higher price point. However, this news from Nintendo should make the system both more accessible and cheaper to Brazilian customers once it launches in the country.

In its lifetime to date the Switch has surpassed over 61 million units sold worldwide, putting it at an impressive milestone for Nintendo. Likewise, a number of the system’s exclusive and top-selling titles have reached some big sales numbers, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons at over 22 million units and Pokemon Sword & Shield at over 18 million units, which are now the third best-selling Pokemon games ever.