[UPDATE] Nintendo Switch Can Connect to Internet Authentication-Required WiFi Routers After Software Update

[UPDATE] Nintendo Switch Can Connect to Internet Authentication-Required WiFi Routers After Software Update

UPDATE: While the Nintendo Switch can’t connect to Internet authentication-required WiFi routers at the moment, the problem will be fixed in the Switch’s Day One patch.

According to Business Insider (pointed out by eagle-eyed commentor Michael Richardons), the Day One patch will include a web applet that will let players accept the terms-of-service or anything else required. Of course, this won’t be a bonafide Internet browser, but a workaround to the problem.

You can read the original story below:

While our hands-on preview of Nintendo Switch’s user interface and operating system was mostly positive, one predictable negative aspect reared its ugly head. Gamers who pick up Nintendo’s fledgling home console will not be able to access WiFi routers that require internet authentication.

Although this won’t be a problem for many gamers looking to keep their Nintendo Switch at home, many WiFi routers at cafe’s, restaurants, hotels, and even apartment complexs require the user to accept terms and conditions in an Internet browser. Because Nintendo Switch has no Internet browser, there is no way for the Nintendo Switch to currently access the WiFi routers.

The lack of an internet browser caused a mini-uproar in the Nintendo Switch communities when it was first announced, with people debating the usefulness of the feature. This isn’t to say that Nintendo will not be getting these features — realistically it is likely a short-term launch problem, much like Switch’s lack of multimedia options.

Also in the realm of possibility, Nintendo may have an alternative solution to this problem coming in the Nintendo Switch’s Day One update. However, little is known yet about what the Day One update will actually entail besides online functions and Micro SD card support, so any guesses beyond that is pure conjecture.

Nintendo Switch launches worldwide. on March 3, 2017. Check out DualShockers unboxing video, where we inspect everything you will be able to find in the hardware’s box on Day 1.