Cheaper Nintendo Switch Model Reported to Release by the End of June

Cheaper Nintendo Switch Model Reported to Release by the End of June

The much-rumored new model of the Switch could be releasing this summer with potential news on the device coming as soon as tomorrow.

Nintendo is set to divulge its financial results for this past fiscal year tomorrow and while the Switch sold quite well for the company this span of time, it still sold less than originally projected. To increase momentum for the coming fiscal though, it seems the hardware manufacturer could soon release a new version of the system at a lower retail price.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Nintendo is set to release a new, cheaper model of the Switch at some point in the coming months. This information is said to come from two different sources that are familiar with Nintendo’s upcoming plans. The new model is projected by these sources to release before the end of June 2019, which is far earlier than you might expect. We have previously have heard rumors of a new model of the Switch, but the release window in this other report had the new console revision slated to release this fall instead.

In addition to an entirely new model of the Switch, the current design is said to also be receiving an upgrade of sorts this year. This boost is said to be “modest” which means it likely won’t be a new model altogether and will instead just be the new baseline version of the console.

If this report is to be believed, then the soonest that we could potentially hear about this new model could be by tomorrow. While Nintendo currently has not announced a new Direct or anything of this sort to reveal upcoming plans, financial calls like the one occurring tomorrow typically include forecasting from the company in question to give shareholders an idea and projections on what to expect in the coming year. If a new Switch model is indeed in the pipeline, Nintendo would almost certainly divulge this information during the briefing to accurately let shareholders know why they are projecting a certain sales figure.

If this all comes to fruition, we’ll certainly let you know. Regardless of whether or not an entirely new model of the Switch is revealed or not, Nintendo will surely have some interesting information to share come tomorrow.