Nintendo Switch Dominated Cyber Monday Online Sales as Well According to Adobe

Nintendo Switch Dominated Cyber Monday Online Sales as Well According to Adobe

Adobe rerports that the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling product online during Cyber Monday, according to analysis through its Experience Cloud.

Yesterday, Adobe posted a report as part of its Digital Insights initiative tracking the best-selling products at retailers online during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday week. Today, they added the results for Monday, November 27th, also known as Cyber Monday.

According to the report, Nintendo Switch is at the very top of the chart, beating all other products (even outside of video games) like it did on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.


As you can see above, no other console or gaming product managed to get into the top-five.

According to Adobe, the report is based on “4,500 retail websites, 55 million SKUs, and more than one trillion visits” analyzed through Adobe Experience Cloud. While this is limited to sales made at retailers online, and it doesn’t take into account brick and mortar stores, it’s certainly good news for Nintendo.

A more complete picture will be provided in mid-December, when the NPD will provide its figures (that are considered reliable industry-wide), and will pretty much determine who stood at the top after the smoke has cleared.

Incidentally, last week NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella mentioned that the results for the month of November were basically a coin toss, but predicted that the Nintendo Switch might capture over 40% of the market share for next year if the new Pokémon game is released. GameStop executives also expressed optimism for the performance of the console during the Holiday season.