Disney and Nintendo Team-Up for the Nintendo Switch Family Showdown

Disney and Nintendo Team-Up for the Nintendo Switch Family Showdown

Nintendo announced Nintendo Switch Family Showdown, a contest where four families will duke it out in Nintendo Switch games with the hopes of winning prizes.

If your family can get through a game of Mario Party without disowning one another, I have some good news for you. Today Nintendo announced that the Disney Channel will be producing a new program entitled Nintendo Switch Family Showdown in which four families will face-off against one another and test their Nintendo skills with the hope of winning prizes.

To apply for the contest, families have to submit a video explaining why they’re the “ultimate Nintendo fans.” Afterward, Nintendo will pick four families, fly them out to Los Angeles, and have them duke it out in a variety of different Nintendo Switch titles.

Nintendo announced that some of the games that will be featured during this competition include Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Tennis Acesand Just Dance 2018. While it would definitely be more fun to see suburban families duke it out against one another in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, ARMS, and Splatoon 2, it seems like Nintendo is trying to keep the gameplay as light as possible. This is unsurprising considering Nintendo Switch Family Showdown is a Disney Channel program after all. However, until Nintendo says otherwise, I’ll still hope to see two dads from the Midwest stage a heroic showdown in Smash, complete with directional air dodges and shield-stopping.

If you and your family would like to appear on Nintendo Switch Family Showdown you can apply here. To learn more about the contest you can check out Nintendo’s site here. Nintendo Switch Family Showdown will premiere on Disney Channel on August 27th.