Nintendo Switch Firmware Update (10.0.0) Introduces Button Remapping

10.0.0 introduces button remapping, new avatars, and more.

Nintendo has released its latest firmware update bringing the console to 10.0.0. The update that launched last night is fairly beefy in regards to what additions it brings to the console, so let’s get right into it.

A bookmark feature has been added to the news section, now allowing the user to favorite specific news items providing they’re connected to the internet. 300 news items are allowed to be bookmarked while old news items that are no longer available cannot be viewed.

There’s now an option to transfer downloadable software, update data, and DLC from the system memory and over to an SD card, or the other way around. However, it’s noted that some update data cannot be transferred to an SD card.

A big one for accessibility, the Nintendo Switch 10.0.0 update introduces the ability to remap the controller buttons. Players can change the configurations for the analog sticks and buttons for each controller that’s paired with the console.

There’s also the option to save a custom configuration as a favorite through System Settings > Controllers and Sensors. These configurations are saved and stored directly on the Nintendo Switch system and can be saved for Joy-Con (L), Joy-Con (R), Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. In addition, Nintendo Switch Lite users can also configure their buttons.

Other controllers aren’t supported, but on each system up to five custom configurations can be saved for each controller. That means five configurations for Joy-Con (L), five for Joy-Con (R), five for the Pro Controller, and five for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The 10.0.0 update also adds a new section called Play Activity Settings which basically allows you to change who can view your play activity, or you can just delete your play activity outright. I suppose some people might be embarrassed about hitting over 200 hours on Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

There are also some new user profile icons! Players can now choose from 6 new Animal Crossing: New Horizons icons for the player avatar. The six new icons start with Tom Nook in his island gear, then it goes right, over to Timmy and Tommy, Isabelle, Wilbur, C.J, and Flick.

The Nintendo Switch 10.0.0 update went live yesterday and can be installed by performing a system update.

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