Insta-Forum: What’s In Store For the Future of the Nintendo Switch?

Insta-Forum: What’s In Store For the Future of the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch might have had the shortest E3 press conference, but how do you feel about the future of the console?

While there is still a lot of debate, Nintendo may have arguably been the strongest show at E3. Demonstrating hit after hit of previously unannounced games, it was at least one of their strongest conferences in over a decade.

From the moment the Switch was revealed some people might have had their doubts, but the console has had consistently strong sales over four months and, more importantly, the interest of core and casual gamers. Nintendo has a lot of ground to cover in terms of making their newest console a “must have” for video game lovers, but arguably they have had a successful start.

Immediately in the pipeline are some high-hitting games: Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Skyrim. In the more distant future, we are looking at a new (traditional) Kirby game, Yoshi game, Metroid Prime 4, and a core Pokémon title.

We want to open the floor to our readers who have purchased the Switch and have a comment about it, or are waiting for that one piece of software before making the investment. For those of you uninterested, what are your gripes and why you aren’t going to purchase Nintendo’s console/handheld hybrid. How do you feel about the Switch’s current lineup of games, and what would you need to see to make it a must buy?

As always, we’ll be hanging out chatting in the comments below!