Nintendo Switch Awarded Most Fragile Product by 60 Millions De Consommateurs Magazine

Nintendo Switch Awarded Most Fragile Product by 60 Millions De Consommateurs Magazine

The Nintendo Switch has been granted the "Most Fragile Product" award by French magazine, 60 Millions de Consommateurs.

The Nintendo Switch has done well for Nintendo, selling a combined 830,000 units on Thanksgiving week alone. However, the portable console we all know and kind of love has bagged itself an award for being fragile. The award comes from 60 Millions de Consommateurs, a French magazine that has previously written about the console being fragile last year.

The article mentions how consoles that aren’t under warranty and sent to Nintendo for repair can generate charges that cost nearly the same price as getting a new console. It also reported that one user was told that if they refused to pay for the repairs, they’d had to pay a charge to have the console returned. The article also lists some issues frustrated gamers have experienced, such as cards not being read, damaged motherboards, and Joy-Con sticks not responding to clicks.

The news of the award seems to be within the physical year-end feature by 60 Millions de Consommateurs, specifically No. 555 – January 2020. The magazine awarded the Nintendo Switch the ‘Most Fragile Product’ award. and apparently has a focus on the Joy-Con drift issues that have been driving numerous players crazy.

And why wouldn’t it? The issue seems to a problem for a lot of users, and it generated enough issues that class-action lawsuits were starting to take place against Nintendo earlier this year. Nintendo did address the issue…sort of.

When the Nintendo Switch Lite launched, there were reports surrounding the console, in which you cannot remove the Joy-Con’s, also fell victim to drift issues. Nintendo of America president, Doug Bowser also chimed in with his take on the Joy-Con drift, but it was rather bland and encourages those with the issue to reach out to Nintendo support.

While it might not be an award Nintendo may boast about, it’s one I think the console deserves. I’ve seen my Dad’s console have the plastic fan guard area at the top easily broken from a tap against a table. I’ve also been the victim of the drift issue. Have you experienced any irritating issues with your Switch console?