Frito-Lay is Giving Away Both a Nintendo Switch and Game Every Hour for Six Weeks

You could win a Nintendo Switch just by scarfing down a bag of Doritos until July 8th

If you’ve been having trouble finding a Nintendo Switch in stock at your local retailer, Frito-Lay is running a contest that just may help. In partnership with Nintendo, the snack company is giving away both a Nintendo Switch console and game at a rate of once every hour until the contest ends on July 8th, 2017.

Now, the contest actually began back on May 27th and will last for 43 days. In order to enter, you’ll need to find one of those big variety packs of Frito-Lay chips. You remember, it’s the one your mom used to buy in order to help her pack your lunch for school every day. The bags are specially marked and have the Switch logo all over them. Each one has a code on the back which you’ll enter into the contest giveaway site for a chance to win. Once you register for the contest, you will be able to enter up to three codes every day. You are allowed to enter every single day if you choose, so long as you don’t try to enter more than three.

Now, of course there is a small catch. Even though the contest runs until July 8th, all of the winners may be chosen before then. Entering a code doesn’t give you a chance to win at the end of the contest, but instead tells you right away if you are a winner. Should one of the codes you enter provide you a winning message, you will receive an E-mail giving you instructions on how to proceed. Since you are informed right away whether or not you win, some simple math tells us exactly how many they are giving away. The contest runs for 43 days. There are 24 hours in a day. As they are giving away consoles at a rate of once an hour, that means a total of 1,032 Switch consoles and games will be given away.

It is of course possible that someone buys the bag and doesn’t enter the code, but it is a hefty chance to take if you really want to win a Nintendo Switch. As we don’t suggest going the unscrupulous route of just entering the codes off the bag while standing in the aisle of your local Stop & Shop, it could actually cost a decent amount of money as well.

You can register over on the contest site if you plan on trying your hand at the contest. Also, stock up on water in order to help flush out all the GMO’s you’ll be eating as well.


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