This Upcoming Nintendo Switch Dock is the Size of an Electrical Plug

Genki's upcoming Covert Dock is ten times smaller than Nintendo's and allows you to play games on the big screen more easily on the go.

Have you ever wanted to bring your Nintendo Switch dock with you somewhere but you haven’t felt like packing the whole thing up? Well, now there’s an even easier solution for you.

Announced by Genki today, the Covert Dock is a new dock for your Nintendo Switch that is likely the smallest and easiest to use on the market. The dock itself, which is merely the size of an electrical plug, is meant for ease-of-use and portability. The device essentially plugs directly into a wall and on the front contains three ports: one for HDMI, another for USB-C charging, and a third for other USB accessories. All you have to do is plug in the device, run an HDMI cable to your TV/monitor, and then plug the Switch into it and boom, you’re playing games.

It essentially does the exact same thing that a standard Switch dock would do, but it’s smaller and also far cheaper. While a replacement Switch dock from Nintendo retails for about $85, this item from Genki is only $50. The Covert Dock itself is also smaller than the standard AC adapter that comes with the Switch and the power of Genki’s accessory is also completely on-par with the official device from Nintendo. It almost sounds too good to be true, but somehow, it’s all factual.

In addition to working just with the Switch though, the Covert Dock is also compatible with other USB-C devices you might have. From your phone to your laptop, the mini-dock can also charge anything else you might plug into it that would be compatible. And that USB accessory port also works with other gadgets like keyboards, a wireless mouse, and many, many other items.

And if you’re worried about the Covert Dock potentially bricking your Switch like some other third-party devices have been known to, you shouldn’t fret. Genki says it has carefully crafted the accessory to ensure that it is fully compatible with your Switch and won’t cause it to burn out or crash. The Covert Dock has been developed alongside those that created the official AC adapter that comes in the Switch’s packaging to ensure that they’re doing things properly.

Genki announced the project earlier today via Kickstarter with a goal of making $50,000. Within 40 minutes after the device’s announcement, it had already surpassed that mark. As of this writing, it has now amassed nearly $170,000 in funding.

You can head over to the Covert Dock’s official page on Kickstarter to read more about the project. The device is slated to start shipping later this year in December.

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