Nintendo Switch Is Getting a Keyboard That Connects to the Joy-Cons

Nintendo Switch Is Getting a Keyboard That Connects to the Joy-Cons

The Nintendo Switch is receiving a new keyboard attachment, this time it will connect to the Joy-Cons and allow players to type while they play.

While the Nintendo Switch does have a touch-screen keyboard, users looking for a physical keyboard will be delighted to hear that Cyber Gadget, a Japanese third-party accessory designer, has created a keyboard for the console that “snaps” in-between the left and right Joy-Cons. The keyboard is set to release on September 30 for 3,758 Yen, or approximately $30 dollars.

Though it is not made by Nintendo themselves, fans of the company’s consoles may be familiar with other third-party accessory designers such as Hori. While Hori did create a licensed Nintendo Switch Keyboard, it did not make use of the systems detachable controllers.

This time around, the Cyber Gadget keyboard has been designed to attach to the Joy-Cons in the same way as they do to the console. This simple design allows players to quickly switch between controlling the game, and inputting text rather than having to put down the controllers altogether. Fans of the GameCube may have flashbacks to the ASCII Keyboard Controller that was designed to work with Sega’s cult classic Online RPG from 2000: Phantasy Star Online.

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The keyboard-controller hybrid has been designed in response to upcoming online games which require chatting such as Dragon Quest X. Players will be able to play and chat with others seamlessly and the keyboard itself is light, weighing only 250 grams. This means that you won’t get tired holding the controllers when you decide to grind for hours at a time. It is important to note, however, that while this keyboard will plug into the dock’s USB port, it will not charge to Joy-Cons. Effectively, it is the same as the Hori keyboard, except for the fact that it is situated in a more comfortable and convenient way for the player.

Dragon Quest X will be released in Japan for PlayStation 4 on August 17 and Nintendo Switch on September 21. You can pre-order the keyboard here on Amazon’s Japanese site. You can check out the latest gameplay footage for the game here. And you can check out photos of the keyboard below.

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