Nintendo Switch Getting Drum Controller for Taiko Drum Master

Nintendo Switch Getting Drum Controller for Taiko Drum Master

If you want to play the new Taiko Drum Master game on Nintendo Switch properly, you'll want the dedicated peripheral by Hori.

Following the announcement of the Japanese release date of Taiko Drum Master Nintendo Switch ~ Jon! for Nintendo’s hybrid console, Hori made an announcement of its own.

The accessory manufacturer will release a drum controller for the Switch similar to the one released a while ago for PS4, but it will be improved in sensitivity according to user feedback.

Two slots have also been added to let you slide two 500 ml bottles full of water into the base in order to weigh the controller down and improve stability.

Up to two players can use two different controllers at the same time, but of course, they lack the sticks, motion sensors, the IR camera, HD Rumble, and a few other goodies that aren’t needed to play Taiko Drum Master.

The controller weighs about 860 grams on its own and connects to the Switch via USB with a two meters-long cable.

It will cost ¥ 6,980 yen plus taxes, and it’ll release in Japan day and date with the game on July 19th. Like for the game, there is no announcement of a western launch for now.