Grand Theft Auto Publisher Expects Nintendo Switch Sales to “Continue to Be Great”

Grand Theft Auto Publisher Expects Nintendo Switch Sales to “Continue to Be Great”

Take-Two Executive Strauss Zelnick comments on the Nintendo Switch's "great" sales, and expects them to continue on the same trend.

During Take-Two Interactive Software’s financial conference call related to the first quarter of fiscal year 2018,Chief Executive Officer Strauss Zelnick talked about the publisher’s stance on the Nintendo Switch.

Zelnick mentioned that the publisher was excited for the Switch and supportive six months ago and they’re excited now, with NBA 2K18 and WWE 2K18 coming for the console. He defined the sales of the Switch “great,” explaining that the publisher expects them to “continue to be great.” Thy’re very optimistic about the platform and very supportive of Nintendo.

The only thing that somehow changed in the last six month is the initial positive impression of the publisher on the platform, which has actually been reinforced by the Switch’s “very strong results.”

If you want to read more about Take-Two, 2K Games and Rockstar Games’ quarterly financial results, you can check out our dedicated article from earlier today.

Just today, we learned that the Nintendo Switch passed two million units sold-through to customers in Japan. It sold-in to retailers 4.7 million units as of June 30th.

WWE 2K18 will release on Switch in the fall, while NBA 2K18 will launch for the console digitally on September 19th, and physically later in the fall.