Nintendo Switch Hands On Preview: Much More Joy than Con

Nintendo Switch Hands On Preview: Much More Joy than Con

Our first hands-on with the Nintendo Switch. A hybrid of a home console and a portable from the house that Mario built.

Following the Nintendo Switch official unveiling in Japan on Thursday night, DualShockers was invited to the first ever hands-on in New York City the following day. There were a handful of titles on display but our main focus was the new hardware. At $299 the Nintendo Switch tippy-toes the line of impulse buy, but we needed to see for ourselves how good it was to find out if we would be — wait for it — making the switch (apologies for the terrible dad joke).

If first impressions are the ones that matter most, then Nintendo is off to a good start with the Switch (at least hardware wise). Picking it up you instantly feel like you’re holding a slick device that merits the price point Nintendo is asking. The LCD screen is bright, the industrial design is easy on the eyes, and the Joy Cons (which are surprisingly light) have the feel of quality.

Moving on to the Switch itself, for all intents and purposes it’s basically a beefed up gaming tablet. But once the Joycon are attached it transforms into what will likely be the successor to Nintendo’s 3DS XL (especially with it’s battery life already projected to last longer than the current handheld lineup).

I went into this event with reservations at an all time high, but I walked away impressed enough that I have to decide if it’s worth pre-ordering to play Zelda at launch or holding off for the online features to be fleshed out and more titles be available during the holiday shopping season.

Check out the video below for our first impressions of the Nintendo Switch hardware. Enjoy.