Newest Surprise NES Releases on Switch are SP Versions of Metroid and Dr. Mario

Newest Surprise NES Releases on Switch are SP Versions of Metroid and Dr. Mario

Nintendo has released SP versions of Metroid and Dr. Mario, setting the trend of modified classics being released monthly for Switch Online subscribers.

Continuing the trend of releasing modified versions of classic titles alongside the Nintendo Switch Online subscription’s free games, Nintendo has put out SP versions of Metroid and Dr. Mario.

Every month the Nintendo Switch Online service will add three NES titles to its collection of games players can download and play, so long as they are subscribed. This month’s offerings included: Adventures of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden, and Wario’s Woods. Alongside those games have come some special versions of Metroid and Dr. Mario with suped up gameplay.

Dr. Mario‘s SP version boosts you to level 20 at Hi speed from the outset. Completing this allows you to view a small scene in which the viruses are teleported away via a UFO. Metroid SP places you before the fight with Ridley at its climax with Samus outfitted with every upgrade available that you have to search for throughout the game. Previous SP games that have been released include The Legend of Zelda and Gradius, both which powered up the player from the very beginning in order to help them complete the game in shorter time than is normal.

The Nintendo Switch Online service costs $19.99 a year or $3.99 a month and is required in order to access online play in titles such as the recently released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Mario Tennis Aces, and Splatoon 2. Now that the trend has been set with the third month of SP versions of classic titles being released, what’s next? Maybe a SP version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that gives you every character from the outset. NES games on Switch allow you to play friends online in multiplayer modes or share Joy-Cons for local competitive and cooperative play. Other titles available in the service include: Tennis, Balloon Fight, Super Mario Bros. 3, Yoshi, Excitebike, and Double Dragon.