The Coolest Mods You Can Buy for Your Nintendo Switch

The Coolest Mods You Can Buy for Your Nintendo Switch

Face it-- the official Nintendo Switch hardware is too vanilla. Here are some of the most stylish Nintendo Switch mods you can find around the net.

In the past, I wrote about my dissatisfaction with Nintendo’s lackluster smorgasbord of Switch variants. While the Pokémon: Let’s Go pair of Switch bundles offer a refreshingly colorful (and non-neon!) set of Joy-Con, I ultimately concluded that Nintendo’s current fleet of Switch designs are entirely too tasteful. While I could understand why someone would want their mobile console to look somewhat elegant, I can’t help but pine for the old days of Nintendo’s design ethos, the days where spice-colored GameCubes and gaudy Pikachu-inspired N64s could be found at Toys ‘R Us stores around the globe.

Of course, being that we live in the Age of the Internet™, console modifications are only mere clicks away. With internet users becoming savvier and the entry cost of 3D printing getting lower, gamers have more options than ever to deck out their consoles with the coolest, tailor-made upgrades. With that being said, here are some of the coolest Nintendo Switch mods you can purchase from around the net.

1. Undertale-Themed Nintendo Switch Custom Joy-Con


Ah, yes Undertale, one of the internet’s most beloved indie RPGs. Flaunting vibrant pixel-art and consequence-oriented gameplay mechanics, Undertale is often lauded as one of the finest indie RPGs to ever hit the market. Undertale‘s Nintendo Switch port, which hit the eShop this past September, made the game accessible to an entirely new generation of gamers. Now, in addition to playing Undertale on Switch, gamers can show off their support for the game with a stylish custom set of Undertale Joy-Con.

Produced by Etsy seller TechnicallyGeek, the Undertale Joy-Con offer a simple, yet sophisticated design that livens up the banality of Nintendo’s plain-Jane, gray Joy-Con. Alongside the controller’s charming pixelated skull and heart, the left Joy-Con bears the Undertale logo on its backside. TechnicallyGeek lists the Undertale Joy-Con for $150. Additionally, consumers can opt to buy only the Joy-Con’s shell for $80 if they’re not afraid of a little DIY controller modding.

2. Clear Ice Blue Joy-Con With SNES Colored Buttons

Transparent Joy-Con

While the Undertale Joy-Cons are stylish and sleek, these clear ice blue Joy-Con scratch my vintage Nintendo itch. Finally, I can relive my glory days of being four years old and wishing I had one of the cool translucent N64s instead of the standard gray one.

The ice blue Joy-Con, sold by Etsy user g00s3yelectronics, offer a trip down memory lane for aging Nintendo players. While the Joy-Con themselves pay homage to the ice blue Nintendo 64, they also evoke memories of Nintendo’s clear Game Boy offerings. Seeing as the Switch serves as the heir to both Nintendo’s console and handheld families, these Joy-Con fit an entire history of clear Nintendo consoles in a small package. Featuring a D-Pad on the left Joy-Con and SNES-inspired buttons, these Joy-Con are perfect for Nintendo fans from any era. G00s3yelectronics sells the Joy-Con for $130 with straps and $125 without straps.

3. Custom Super Nintendo/SNES-Themed Nintendo Switch Dock


Well, folks, time for me to ruin my credit score. This SNES-inspired dock is so beautiful that I may have shed a tear or two writing this post.

Sold by Etsy user XLTeam, this hand-painted dock is all you’ll need to wish you were alive to buy Earthbound. On the other hand, if you’re old enough to have owned a SNES, this dock will probably remind you of a carefree time before you had to pay a mortgage, change diapers, or get back to the nursing home by 9 p.m. Alright, maybe you’re not that old, but you get the idea. You can buy XLTeam’s SNES dock for a steep $200; if you want XLTeam’s matching Joy-Con, you’ll have to shell out another $180.

4. Matte Black Joycon DecalsJoy-Con Skins

This Joy-Con decal is perfect for gamers on a budget. Instead of rewiring electronics or offering an extensive paint job, these matte black decals offer a cheap, fashionable alternative to Nintendo’s Joy-Con options. Sold by Etsy user JBHFreelancing, these decals are a unique and budget-friendly way to spice up your traditional, off-the-shelf neon Joy-Con. For $9.99, you can’t go wrong grabbing one of these decals.

Well, there you have it, folks. I hope this article opened up your eyes to the beauty of customizing Switch hardware. That being said, if you end up destroying your Joy-Con beyond repair, you can forward all emails to my lawyer.

Of course, if none of these particularly tickled your fancy, you could always try picking up the Joy-Con knife grip.