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Nintendo Switch's Japanese Dock-Free Bundle Won't Be Coming to the US

Nintendo Switch's Dockless Bundle won't be coming to the West anytime soon, according to a statement from Nintendo America.

If you were hoping out for the handheld-only Nintendo Switch option, don’t hold your breath. According to Nintendo America, the House of Mario isn’t introducing the Switch Dockless Bundle in the West.

News comes by way of publication US Gamer who asked whether the United States would be getting the announced bundle. According to a Nintendo of America rep, they “have no plans to release this configuration in the Americas.”

Some of you readers may be entirely unaware that a dock-free bundle was even revealed. Dubbed the Switch Dockless Bundle, the Nintendo revealed the hardware in Japan, retailing at 26,978 yen ($246 USD approx.). This is roughly $50 in savings, compared to the standard Japanese Nintendo Switch price ($295 USD, approx).

As seen in the picture above, the bundle would only include the following:

  • Nintendo Switch GamePad
  • Joy-Con (L & R)
  • Joy-Con Grips (L & R)

What is the appeal of a dock-free Nintendo Switch? This would be far from the first time that Nintendo has mentioned that they want multiple Nintendo Switch’s per household. Also, who can argue with consumer choice — notably being able to purchase your own third-party dock.

While Nintendo America didn’t give a reason about why they don’t intend to introduce the bundle, reasonable minds can make guesses. For instance, Nintendo may be trying to avoid any consumer confusion. One reiterated point from Nintendo and analysts about Wii U’s failing was brand confusion with consumers. The more bundles and options available, the more instances for a repeat issue.

Of course, a Nintendo Switch dock-free bundle is a shame. Following a handful of reports that the docks are scratching screens, there are great third-party docking options available. Or if you are looking for amazing docking options, Maingear’s F131 1ofONE is a breathtaking custom PC/Switch option.

And hey — you can always just grab the standard Nintendo Switch bundle from Amazon and throw away the dock.

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