NPD Analyst Predicts Nintendo Switch Will Lead US Hardware Sales in 2019

NPD Analyst Predicts Nintendo Switch Will Lead US Hardware Sales in 2019

The NPD Group's Mat Piscatella gave his thoughts on what the US gaming fiscal year looks like for 2019, expecting the Switch to be its top-selling platform.

With the new year having just started, there is plenty of possibility to see from the state of the gaming industry at large heading into 2019, as we’ve seen from one of The NPD Groups analysts sharing their thoughts on the state of gaming sales in the new year.

The NPD Group analyst Mat Piscatella shared his early thoughts and predictions for what may lie ahead for 2019 in terms of video game hardware and software sales for the year in the US.

Specifically, Piscatella expects that the Nintendo Switch will see the biggest growth through the year, and would most likely be the market leader for 2019 compared to its competing platforms, the PS4 and Xbox One. Piscatella’s predictions put the Switch at reaching “more than 35 share of hardware unit sales in the US in 2019,” noting that its sales success is likely to be driven by Pokemon (presumably the next mainline installments expected later this year) and “continued strength of Nintendo’s evergreen franchises.”

By comparison, he expects that 2019 “could be a bumpy year” for Sony and Microsoft as far as PS4 and Xbox One sales, primarily because of the “predicted 2020 next-gen” debut for both companies’ next pieces of console hardware.

In addition to Piscatella’s predictions on hardware sales for the year, he also shared that some of the trends that he expects to see emerge in 2019 revolve around digital game purchases, subscription services, and socially-oriented gaming experiences. Piscatella expected a higher growth in digital content purchases for 2019, while also noting he predicts rapid growth for subscription services on gaming platforms that could accelerate throughout the year, likely driven by services such as Xbox Game Pass.

While Piscatella will give a more detailed breakdown later this month, these quick, bite-sized observations still set some insight on what to expect heading into the new year, and make some sense as far as the current landscape among hardware sales for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo at this stage.