A Quarter of the Nintendo Switch’s User Base Has Downloaded the Online App

A Quarter of the Nintendo Switch’s User Base Has Downloaded the Online App

Recent analyses from Sensor Tower show that over 5 million people, or a quarter of the Switch's user base, installed the Nintendo Switch Online App.

It has been over a week since the launch of Nintendo Switch Online and it has seemed to have gone smoothly. The service also works with a mobile app, which must be used for voice chat in most games. Interestingly, in just one week the the number of app installs grew 76%, meaning that around a quarter of the Switch’s user base have now also installed the app.

This analysis comes for Sensor Tower, who were able to determine that over 5 million people have downloaded the app across iOS and Android. According to the most recent sales data, the Nintendo Switch has sold just under 20 million units, meaning that about a fourth of the systems user base has the app installed. While these numbers don’t neccasarily show how many people actually use the app or how may people have purchased Nintendo Switch Online, it shows that quite a big chunk of the user base is at least interested.


For more specific numbers, around 193,000 people have downloaded the app in just the past two weeks, which falls just under the app’s monthly rate since its release. Most of these downloads came from Japan and the USA, and help cement the aforementioned 76% app installation growth. About 60% of they app owners are on Android devices, while the other users are on iOS devices.

While there may be a paradoxical nature to some of Nintendo’s online practices, it does seem like at least the Online App is catching on. For those interested, both a Nintendo Switch and an Online Subscription can currently be picked up on Amazon.

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