Nintendo Switch Online App Update Improves Voice Chat

The Nintendo Switch Online App's new 1.1.0 update allows users to use voice chat while other apps are open and in sleep mode.

Back in July during a Splatoon 2-focused Nintendo Direct, the Online App for the Nintendo Switch was revealed allowing users to talk with other players. However, when it released a few weeks later, a notable caveat was unveiled. Users had to keep the app open and leave the phone screen on to use voice chat. That hindrance has been removed in the Nintendo Switch Online App’s new update, version. 1.1.0.

Users of the app can now use voice chat while other apps are open. However, if the app in question outputs audio or uses the microphone, the function will not work.

If that didn’t excite you enough, voice chat can also be used while the phone is in sleep mode. Users with Android 6.0 or later devices with power-saving features activated “may be interrupted” when the phone enters sleep mode. Turning off the batter-saving setting will rectify this, allowing you to use the app during sleep mode.

Lastly, Android users will receive improved support for Bluetooth devices.

Currently, the Nintendo Switch Onlne App is available for free. It will require a $19.99 yearly subscription fee when the new home console’s online service launches next year.

The 1.1.0 update for the Nintendo Switch Online App is available now to download for Android and iOS devices.

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