Nintendo Switch Online’s NES Library Adds Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Blaster Master

Nintendo Switch Online’s NES Library Adds Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Blaster Master

Zelda II and Blaster Master are both coming to the Nintendo Switch Online NES library on January 16, giving Switch owners two new classics to enjoy.

Since its introduction last fall, one of the Nintendo Switch Online service’s biggest perks has been its ever-expanding lineup of classic NES games that give subscribers the chance to experience a wide array of classic titles from the NES-era, and now two more additions are on the way in just over a week from now.

Nintendo has announced that subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online service will be getting two new titles to look forward to later this month, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Blaster Master. Both titles will be coming to the online service starting on January 16, 2019, giving Switch owners just over a week to look forward to trying them out.

Zelda II of course will draw the most attention coming from The Legend of Zelda series and giving those that might have given the original game a try on the Switch’s NES library. However, Zelda II (at the time) was notable for taking a significant departure from the original game by taking on a side-scrolling format instead of the top-down view of the original. Still, nonetheless Switch owners will get the chance to experience yet another classic from the line of Zelda titles.

Likewise, Blaster Master will give Switch owners another classic to try that is very different from Zelda II, but still a classic from the NES era in its own right. As described by Nintendo, Blaster Master provides “panic or perish” gameplay as players will have to explore secret passages and try to destroy the Plutonium Boss before his army manages to destroy the world.

While the NES library is still growing on Nintendo Switch, the lineup has added some notable titles in the past few months such as Ninja GaidenWario’s Woods, and many more. Likewise, some of the titles added to the NES library also provide newly-integrated support for online multiplayer, giving a great opportunity for subscribers to try them out with friends, even if they’re not with you in the room.

That being said, with Zelda II and Blaster Master coming to the service next week, Switch owners will have plenty to look forward to when it comes to experiencing classic games on Nintendo’s newest hardware. For a closer look at both games, you can check out the new video from Nintendo below: