Nintendo Switch Online Service Officially Launches in September 2018

Nintendo Switch Online Service Officially Launches in September 2018

Nintendo Switch Online is still a thing, and coming sometime in September 2018. Little else is known about the service, and if it has been changed.

It’s been quite some time since we heard about Nintendo Switch’s fabled paid-online play. Although information on Nintendo Switch Online has been around since the system’s reveal, it seems the actual product itself has went through a few reboots. Following a delay earlier last year, Nintendo has officially revealed that Nintendo Switch Online will be available in September 2018.

Provided nothing about the service has changed since it was last detailed on June 1, 2017, Nintendo Switch Online will cost $19.99 for a full year membership. Buying into the online program grants access to online gameplay, lobbies, voice chat (via the mobile app), a “Classic Game Selection,” and Nintendo eShop deals. Meanwhile, run-of-the-mill users would have access to Nintendo eShop, friends, social media access, and parental controls.

When the plan was first revealed, it was slated to start in Fall 2017. However, following those June recalibrations, the slot got delayed to a general listing of “2018.” And while “September 2018” is much more clear, hopefully Nintendo will offer more clarity on specific dates as we get closer. Until then, soak up the free access to Nintendo’s online selection (like ARMS, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Splatoon 2) while you can.

This isn’t the only surprise announcement tonight, as Nintendo also unveiled that a new Mario Kart mobileapp — Mario Kart Tour — will be coming sometime before March 31, 2019. Although Nintendo has historically shied away for charging for their online services, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Nintendo is looking to dip into monetizing their online play. Of their best-selling first-party titles of 2017, three of them (the ones mentioned above) were heavily based in online play and sold a combination of over 12 million copies.

As mentioned above, Nintendo Switch Online will be available beginning September 2018. You can check out Nintendo’s official tweet, below: