Nintendo Switch Online Has Over 9.8 Million Subscribers

Nintendo Switch Online Has Over 9.8 Million Subscribers

Nintendo's online subscription program has nearly passed 10 million users in less than a year.

Even though the Nintendo Switch Online service has only been around since September of 2018, it seems like the subscription program is already raking in quite a bit of money.

As revealed during Nintendo’s recent earnings call going over financial numbers from the past fiscal year, it was announced that the Nintendo Switch Online service now boasts over 9.8 million users. This total is comprised of both those who have done a free trial of the service in addition to family memberships. In light of the Switch’s recent sales numbers as well, this means that almost a third of all Switch owners have at one point subscribed to the service.

Along with revealing general numbers about Nintendo Switch Online, the company also shared some details about Tetris 99, the battle royale version of the classic puzzle game. Nintendo stated that Tetris 99 has been played by 2.8 million accounts and overall has boosted activity on the platform. This number means that nearly 30% of all Nintendo Switch Online users have played Tetris 99 at some point. Nintendo says it will continue to support Tetris 99 in the future with new in-game events.

For Nintendo Switch Online to still be so new in the grand scheme of things, you’d have to imagine that Nintendo is pleased with the service’s early success. Recurring sales in services like this is one of the best ways that companies like Nintendo can continue to get steady streams of income. Don’t believe me? Just look at the asinine numbers from Sony’s PlayStation Plus service.