Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Are Over 80% of the Initial Shipment in Japan According to Media Create

Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Are Over 80% of the Initial Shipment in Japan According to Media Create

Media Create provides its data on Nintendo Switch pre-orders in Japan, and looks like the console is well on its way to fulfilling its planned initial shipment.

Today is Friday, and Media Create released its weekly analysis of the Japanese market, and it came with an interesting piece of information.

According to the research firm, pre-orders of the Nintendo Switch in the country are over 80% of the planned initial shipment.

Unfortunately we don’t know how many consoles of the global planned initial shipment of two million units have been allocated to Japan, but that’s definitely a good percentage.

At the moment, the console’s pre-orders is sold out in the online stores of all major Japanese retailers, with remaining units probably available in smaller or local stores, possibly focused outside of the large cities, where pre-order demand is normally lower.

We actually looked around for remaining allocation, in the three biggest stores of Akihabara, but of course we had no luck.

Sofmap Amusement Store

Incidentally, they have the cutest “sold out” notice ever, and the Collector’s Edition of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the only game pre-order sold out.

Sofmap Akihabara Main store

The big red sign in the first picture means “pre-order acceptance ended.”

Yodobashi Camera Akiba

The red message in the first picture means “we closed pre-order acceptance.”

We’ll keep combing Tokyo to see just how difficult it is to find a Nintendo Switch pre-order, if it’s even possible in the big city, and we’ll let you know our results soon.

The Nintendo Switch will be released in Japan and worldwide on March 3rd in two variations, one with grey Joy-con controller, and the other with mismatched red and blue controllers. The price in Japan is 29,980 yen plus taxes, which is equivalent to a PS4 console.

We’ll hear the first sale results for the archipelago of the rising sun on March 8th, when Media Create will release its sales charts for the console’s launch week, which will include the first three days on the helves, since March 3rd is a Friday.