Nintendo Switch Preview — First Look at Nintendo’s Switch’s OS and Setting Up the Console

Nintendo Switch Preview — First Look at Nintendo’s Switch’s OS and Setting Up the Console

With only two weeks away from launch, Nintendo hype is off the chart for their next home console: the Nintendo Switch. In our latest hands on preview, DualShockers inspects the Day 1 features of Nintendo Switch and what gamers can hope to see from both the operating system, user interface, and start up process:

For those who aren’t able to watch the video, a few things are easily noticeable. Nintendo is clearly targeting a very clean user interface. With little to no background music — or even sound for that matter — everything operates minimalistically to streamline people to the main function of the console: games. While it was rumored before in both leaked photos and video, the Switch also sports two themes on Day 1: Basic Black and Basic White. The obvious implications is that more themes will likely be available in the future — perhaps for purchase on the eShop.

Because DualShockers is working on an early review console, we don’t yet have full systems access. As such, adding friends. linking Nintendo Accounts, expanding memory using the MicroSD card, accessing eShop, and connecting to My Nintendo all cannot be accessed without a Day 1 patch. Obviously we couldn’t touch on that within the video, but we will keep everyone updated in the near future as those become available.

Also worth noting, Nintendo Switch’s operating system is refined — likely partially due to how basic it is. Those with longer institutional memories will remember that the Wii U launched with an incredibly unstable OS with long load times for even the more simple processes. None of that is present with the Nintendo Switch — everything is smooth, responsive, and quick (both docked and undocked).


As notable as what is included in the console is what isn’t included. From our time with the Nintendo Switch, we’ve found no indication of any trophy/achievement system. That said, My Ninendo has been the driving force of “achievement-based gameplay for Nintendo. There is the (seemingly remote) possibility that when the latter update comes, players will be able to sync progress and achievements to My Nintendo. However, that may just be hopeful dreaming on my end.

Setting up the system is just as, if not more, streamlined than the UI itself. Taking less than a minute to get everything set up, players are able to jump right into the action.

While I was using the console on-the-go, I was able to test out WiFi access on WiFi’s that require browser authentication and agreement of terms. As expected, without an Internet browser on Day 1, players will be unable to connect to these networks — perhaps a work-around will be given in the Day 1 update.

As I mentioned above, Nintendo Switch launches worldwide on March 3, 2017 — make sure to check out DualShockers unboxing video, showcasing everything that will be coming in Nintendo Switch’s box.