Nintendo Switch Receiving Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition This May

Nintendo Switch Receiving Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition This May

Three Fourths Home, the IGF finalist with excellence in narrative from [bracket]games and Digerati, will release on Nintendo Switch come May 10.

Publisher Digerati Digital and developer Bracket games are bringing their interactive drama and short story Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition to the Nintendo Switch on May 10. The game has been out since 2014 and can be found on various platforms, including the PC, PS4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One, but this will be the first time the game make a leap to the Nintendo platform.

This game is all about family relationships and takes place in Nebraska. Post-collegiate protagonist Kelly is forced to move back to Nebraska while being an adult in her mid-20’s. She is also the one who you control, and her various interactions with family members during a weather crisis. As you imagine, this set up brings out a lot of emotional narrative on disabilities, family obligations, and adulthood, which are touched on in this conversational story filled with heavy emotion.

Players can expect around 800 varying dialogue choices, giving a lot of option on making the story lighter or darker. The Extended version of Three Fourths Home will also include the Idling in the Rubble epilogue, giving more length to the total story.

Three Fourths Home is a stylistic game that was a finalist at the 2015 Independent Games Festival for its excellence in narrative. Check out the screenshots of the game, below: