Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer Racks Up Over 10M Views, 96% Likes Rating on YouTube

October 21, 2016

After months of speculation, Nintendo finally revealed its long-awaited Nintendo Switch (previously known as the “NX”) with a first look preview video at the upcoming console, with the trailer’s reception being quite positive.

Released yesterday on YouTube and through Nintendo’s social media accounts, the reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch quickly grabbed the attention of outlets and consumers all over the world, with the trailer becoming the most viewed video on Nintendo of America’s YouTube channel, as the video currently (as of this writing) sits at 10,328,341 views.


Alongside the view count on YouTube, the reveal trailer also currently boasts a like-to-dislike proportion of 345,676 likes to 13,434 dislikes – as a ratio, that breaks down to just over 96% likes and approvals on the reveal trailer, versus dislikes.

While the Nintendo of America YouTube channels boasts the most views for the trailer, the trailer was also reposted on Nintendo’s other YouTube channels, with the Nintendo Japan channel having just under 2 million views (1,946,199 views) and the Nintendo UK account having 566,991 views since its release.

On Nintendo of America’s other social media channels, the trailer received about 75K likes and just under 65K retweets, and through Facebook the trailer received 105K likes/reactions, 26K comments, 168K shares, and 6M views (as of this writing).

Nintendo officially revealed its new console, now called the Nintendo Switch, yesterday with its first official reveal trailer, with the system scheduled to release in March 2017.

Ryan Meitzler

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