Nintendo Could be Preparing “At Least One Unannounced Title” for the Switch in Fiscal Year 2019

Nintendo Could be Preparing “At Least One Unannounced Title” for the Switch in Fiscal Year 2019

Could Nintendo be bringing some new titles to the Switch? Perhaps a new IP?

Nintendo could possibly be launching at least one new Nintendo Switch game during the fiscal year 2019, at least according to Takashi Mochizuki from The Wall Street Journal. The tech reporter took to Twitter to say that Nintendo has said that they’re preparing at least one unannounced title for their Nintendo Switch console. They have also said “fans would be delighted to know”.

A touch later, Mochizuki Tweeted another apparent quote from Nintendo saying, that unannounced titles include “one that is a nice fit to the online program.”. This could potentially mean that Nintendo has a new IP in the works, although if it isn’t a new IP then it could be a new installment into a current series. As Mochizuki understands, the one title will allow players to play with or against others online.

Mochizuki has asked Twitter followers to have a stab at what the titles could potentially be, with a fair few commenters mentioning that they hope it’s F-Zero, a few littering of comments suggested a multiplayer Zelda title, and there are even talks of Star Fox Grand Prix.

The possibility of a new Nintendo game on the way isn’t too farfetched, especially with the recent news of the Switch possibly getting a new, smaller, cheaper console towards the end of FY19. We’ve also learned that the Nintendo Switch has sold over 32 million units. So the console itself is doing very well and Nintendo creating new games for the system is all but guaranteed.

Nintendo has also recently announced Dr. Mario World for mobile devices, and that their upcoming mobile title, Mario Kart Tour will be delayed until Summer 2019.

What are your thoughts on a new unannounced title from Nintendo which allows playing online with or against friends? Have a chat in the comments.