Nintendo Switch Sales Pass 1.5 Million Units in Japan in Less than Six Months

Nintendo Switch Sales Pass 1.5 Million Units in Japan in Less than Six Months

The Nintendo Switch has achieved another sales milestone in Japan, pushing past 1.5 million units sold in less than six months.

Today, Media Create reported the hardware sales for last week in the country, and adding them to historical data from the same source, we learn that the Nintendo Switch has passed another sales milestone.

The Switch sold a very solid 69,654 units to customers last week, which means that the total is now at 1,527,962 units which found a loving Japanese home as of August 27th.

This achievement comes just a week before the six months mark in the console lifetime, and it’s definitely quite the achievement, especially considering the intermittent shortages. The console’s sales accelerated recently thanks to the successful launch of Splatoon 2 (which incidentally passed a million units sold in Japan last week as well, currently sitting on 1,004,180 copies sold), accompanied by additional stock reaching the shelves. The milestone that marked one million console sold through to customers in the country was reached in the second half of June.

Last week’s result was achieved partly due to the launch of the Switch remaster of Monster Hunter XX on August 25th. Considering that it’s one of the most popular franchises in Japan, the boost was expected. The game sold 84,277 copies in just three days on the shelves. It’s relevant to mention, though, that these numbers are a drop in the water compared to usual Monster Hunter figures. Looks like a rather low percentage of Japanese gamers decided to double dip after buying the 3DS version.

That being said, Nintendo’s new console still has a long way to go before achieving local sales comparable to its most direct competitor, Sony’s PS4, which was launched with an abundant lead and counts 5,250,469 units under its belt, continuing to sell quite well over three years after its launch. With the next mainline chapter of Monster Hunter making the jump to PS4 at the beginning of next year, and Super Mario Odyssey coming for Switch this fall, the battle is probably going to be heated.