Nintendo: Second Year Is “All-Important” for the Switch; Online Info Coming in May; 3DS Isn’t Dead

Nintendo: Second Year Is “All-Important” for the Switch; Online Info Coming in May; 3DS Isn’t Dead

Nintendo outlines the strategy for the second year of the Switch, including upcoming news on its online service. Yet, the 3DS is still alive and kicking.

Today Nintendo hosted its financial results briefing for the fiscal year ended on March 31st, 2018. President Tatsumi Kimishima shared quite a few interesting information about the state of the company’s console business.

First of all, Kimishima-san recognized the relevance of the second year of the Switch’s lifetime, defining it “all-important.” That’s when “the novelty has worn off and the hardware is “truly put to the test.” Nintendo intends to take advantage of the stage sets during the debut year and further expand the installed base.

The first point in order to achieve that goal is keeping consumers who already purchased or are planning to purchase a Switch engaged with the platform. Kimishima stressed that it’s important to deliver new games of Nintendo’s key franchises, including Super Smash Bros. Mario Tennis Aces was also mentioned as another “important title” for this year.

The delivery of new DLC and events has contributed in keeping the activity on Splatoon 2 high even after the new year, not only in Japan but also in other regions, so Nintendo plans to continue focusing in this area.

We also hear that the Nintendo Switch Online service will get more information in early May directly on Nintendo’s website.

Kimishima-san also mentioned third parties, explaining that when their games are released on the Switch, their sales grow. Even for titles available on competing platforms, consumers are experiencing new ways to have fun when those games are combined with the features of the Switch.

Moving on to the 3DS, Nintendo isn’t ready to move on from its pure portable, and they’re continuing to work on new games for release in 2019 and beyond. While the Nintendo Switch will be placed “at the core” of the company’s business for the current fiscal year the 3DS business will be continued, and the scale of the mobile business will be expanded.

In the Outline document of the briefing, Nintendo gave the lowdown of its plans for both the Switch and the 3DS.

“Our goal is to take full advantage of the [Switch] platform by continuously introducing compelling new software while further increasing sales of popular titles that are already in the market.”

“With Nintendo 3DS, we will continue to target an ever wider range of consumers. We will work to leverage the platformʼs rich software library and worldwide total hardware install base and further.”

Thanks to these efforts, on top of the mobile expansion, Nintendo hopes to “establish a reliable new flow for Nintendoʼs business and maximize overall business.”

Just yesterday, Nintendo provided updated shipment numbers for both Switch and 3DS, alongside further information on its fiscal year results. Earlier today, while the briefing was being held, they announced their E3 plans.

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