Nintendo Switch Shipments Still Selling out Same Day and Exceeding Expectations According to GameStop

on May 1, 2017 10:41 AM

According to GameStop — relayed by Forbes — two months after its launch, the Nintendo Switch is still flying off shelves. More specifically, the retailer claims that it is still seeing same-day sellouts of each new shipment it receives. Whether this due to Nintendo just not pumping out enough or simply the Switch is just that popular (or a combination of both), is hard to say.

GameStop senior director of merchandising Eric Bright told Forbes the following:

“It’s exceeding our expectations. We knew it would be a high-demand product, but our Switch allocations are selling out not in days, but in hours…the demand is so high that consumers have to react quickly to be able to get their hands on them.”

As you may remember, Nintendo — reportedly — doubled Switch production shortly after the system launched back on March 3rd. However, this clearly hasn’t been enough to meet demand.

As of the end of March, the Nintendo shipped 2.74 million Switch units, 5.46 million games on the system, and anticipates to sell 12.72 million units by the end of March 2018. Meanwhile, GameStop has been quoted saying the system “could possibly eclipse the Wii.”

In other recent Switch news, developer Saber Interactive revealed that Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn is making its way to Nintendo’s new piece of hardware. The most exciting of all Switch news.

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