Win a Nintendo Switch Console with Slam Land, or One of Fifteen Switch Codes for the Game

Win a Nintendo Switch Console with Slam Land, or One of Fifteen Switch Codes for the Game

If you want a Nintendo Switch to carry along during your summer vacation and play Slam Land, or simply want to enjoy the game for free, this is your chance.

Bread Machine Games recently released its new game Slam Land,  and to celebrate you have a chance to win either a Nintendo Switch, a custom Slam Land skin for the console and its controllers, and a digital copy of the game, or one of fifteen digital download codes for Slam Land, allso for the Switch.

If you want a chance (or several) to win, all you have to do is to hit the widget at the bottom of this post, complete as many tasks as you can, and each completed task will count as one entry in our giveaway. The more entries you have, the higher your chances to win (duh!).

Sixteen winners will be selected at random among all entrants at 11:59:59 AM Pacific Time on Friday, August 24th. The first will receive the grand prize with the console, the game, and the skin, while the following fifteen will receive a digital download code of the game for the Switch.

Keep in mind that due to the physical nature of the grand prize package with the Switch console only residents in the United States and Canada are eligible to win it. This means that if the first winner is a resident outside of those countries, he will receive a download code only, and the next eligible winner from the United States and Canada will get the grand prize

Everyone is eligible to win the digital download codes for the game, regardless of their country of residence. That being said, they’re North American copies, so you’ll need to make a North American Nintendo account to redeem them.

We will communicate the win via direct message on Twitter as soon as the random selection is done. Make sure you keep following us, as failing to do that will invalidate your chances to win.

The winner of the grand prize will be required to promptly provide a valid shipping address in the United States of America. Failure to do so by t 11:59:59 AM Pacific Time on Tuesday, August 28th will invalidate the win, and the next eligible winner will be selected.

If you’re not familiar with the game, you should check out our review.

Good luck, and make sure to keep following us for more giveaway in the future!

Slam Land + Nintendo Switch Giveaway with DualShockers