Nintendo Switch Has Sold Just Under 80m Units After 46 Months

Nintendo Switch Has Sold Just Under 80m Units After 46 Months

The Switch continues to climb the sales charts and looks to overtake the Wii by the end of the year.

The Nintendo Switch sales still continue to impress. video game analyst Daniel Ahmad (Thanks, Eurogamer) has shared some figures that show that the Nintendo Switch has now sold nearly 80 million units after being available on the market for 46 months. The figures are also put to comparison with other Nintendo consoles that have launched in the past during the same 46-month bracket.

Daniel said that the Nintendo Switch has sold 79.87 million units in 46 months, and in that same timeframe, the PS4 had sold around 67 million units in 46 months, the PS2, around 69.5 million, and the Nintendo Wii was under 75 million. Daniel also detailed that the Switch launched in the month of March while other consoles in the chart below launched around the November mark which explains the bump in the chart around the holiday period.

Another graph was shared, which shows how the Nintendo Switch stacks up against other Nintendo consoles. After 46 months, the Nintendo DS sits at the highest of them all at around 83 million units sold in that time period. The Switch sits at 79.9 million, the Wii at around 75 million, the 3DS at around 50 million, and the Wii U being the lowest at around 13 million.

Daniel expects the Switch to overtake the Nintendo Wii by the end of 2021. Earlier this month it was noted that the Switch was the best-selling hardware platform in units and dollars for both December and the 2020 year. And in 2020, the Nintendo console sold more units than every PlayStation and Xbox console combined.

The Nintendo Switch continues to introduce new special-edition versions such as the Monster Hunter console and the Mario console. While it hasn’t been confirmed, there are rumours that a new Nintendo Switch is to be announced that may improve on the consoles current hardware.