Nintendo’s Switch Becomes even more Diverse with Full Unreal Engine 4 Compatability

Nintendo’s Switch Becomes even more Diverse with Full Unreal Engine 4 Compatability

Nintendo and Epic have completed their team-up as the Unreal Engine 4 is now fully compatible with the Switch following the 4.16 version release.

The Nintendo Switch is now fully compatible with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. This isn’t a test run like it was with the early support that was given to the hybrid console pre-launch with the program’s February 4.15 release. No, Unreal Engine 4.16 makes the Switch fully capable of handling the gaming software that so many developers use in today’s modern age.

Of course this has been opened up to creators, programmers, and designers in order to make exciting new projects and titles. The process for being able to play around with the Unreal Engine on the Switch is not as simple as picking up the console and poking around for the software. Luckily the Unreal site has gone over a list of guidelines for developers to access these new features:

  1. Become an approved Nintendo Switch developer at:
  2. Complete the Console Development Request UE4 form. If you’re already accessing Unreal Engine 4 through a custom license or direct evaluation, email your Epic licensing contact for more information.
  3. Once your Nintendo Switch developer status has been confirmed, Epic will send you an electronic Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) via Docusign. Once it’s signed, you’ll receive an email containing instructions for accessing UE4 code and tools for Nintendo Switch.
  4. You’ll also gain access to the exclusive UE4 Nintendo Switch forum to interact with the new community.
  5. Once you’ve received source access, you’ll need to compile the code for the Nintendo Switch platform

It’s not surprisingly a process that requires some patience, a few steps, and applications to both Unreal and Nintendo. There’s no doubt that a lot of developers that are planning to create games for the Switch will jump on board Epic’s offer and plan to make some amazing titles.

A lot of popular titles series these days use the Unreal Engine such as BorderlandsGears or War, and Rocksteady’s Arkham take of Batman. The release of version 4.16 will help make Nintendo’s latest even more attractive to the bigger companies looking to port new AAA titles on the Switch.

Here’s hoping this leads to some fun and unexpected third party collaborations further down the line. Who knows, maybe we’ll see something at the rapidly approaching E3 2017 that shows off this ‘Epic’ match-up.