Nintendo Switch Update 12.0.2 Patch Notes (12, May 2021) - Bluetooth Support Soon?

New Nintendo Switch System Update to 12.0.2

On May 12, Nintendo published another system update for the Nintendo Switch, pushing the console to version 12.0.2 – we have the (very short) official patch notes below, alongside a hint that could be interpreted as Bluetooth support coming soon.

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This is the third new system update the Nintendo Switch had since April 2021, with the 12.0.0 launch. That update back in April most notably fixed one rare but major bug that could possibly make players loose progress on cloud backed-up saves.

That patch was also the jump to 12.0.0 after a series of 11.x.x numbered update, but nothing major happened. The same can be said with this new 12.0.2 update.

Nintendo Switch system update Ver. 12.0.2 (Released May 12, 2021) patch notes

Nintendo explained the 12.0.2 update includes “General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.” That’s it, no intricate details were shared.

The Nintendo Switch 12.0.2 system update patch was as always, first announced through the Japanese Nintendo customer support Twitter. The update was then launched and announced in English on May 12, 9:16 JST – May 11 8:16 PM ET – with the above mentioned patch notes.

What does the new Switch system update means?

We already explained that before, but keep in mind that in the past Nintendo never correlated the number of the update with its contents’ volume. While we switched to 12.0.0 since April, no major changes happened yet to the Switch system.

With that said, we’ll be on alert and be sure to tell you if we hear anything. Especially as we’re getting closer to June 2021 and the E3 period, Nintendo might announce a new Nintendo Direct.

Is Bluetooth support coming to Switch?

Moreover, those who went further than the official patch notes and dug through the Switch system noticed a change in the Bluetooth driver. While it doesn’t mean anything in itself, this could hint that Nintendo is working on Bluetooth support, and it could be introduced in the near feature.

Nintendo Switch right now doesn’t support Bluetooth, besides for its own Joy-Con controllers needless to say. For example, you’ll need a third-party dongle if you wish to play Switch while using your Bluetooth headphones. So this 12.0.2 Switch system update could be a step in the right direction towards Bluetooth.

System update 12.0.2 – what it means for the Switch Pro?

Currently, several reports from outlets such as Bloomberg claimed a new Powered Switch is entering production in June 2021 with an end of 2021 release estimate, with 4K support. Nintendo has yet to officially announce anything though. Some games such as the Breath of the Wild sequel could also be coming with this powered Switch.

Last but not least in case you’ve been wondering, the feature screenshot above is from Gnosia, a beautiful game on Switch.

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