Newest Nintendo Switch Update Lets You Play Your Digital Games on Other Switch Consoles

Thanks to the 6.0.0 update for Nintendo Switch, owners of the console are able to play digital games from their primary console on a secondary console.

on September 19, 2018 12:18 PM

While the marquee feature of latest 6.0.0 firmware for Nintendo Switch is the online service, there is more than meets the eye to this update. Your Switch console was originally designated the “active console,” but now it’s your “primary console”—but the big deal here is that you can now play your games on other “non-primary consoles.”

What that means is that you can log into your Nintendo Account on someone else’s Switch console, and through that account, download digital games from your primary console onto this other one. Of course, there are restrictions—for example, on that secondary console, you can only play those games through the Nintendo Account that owns the game, and with an internet connection.

As you can expect, games can only be playable on one console at a time from the same account; trying to play the game on two consoles will pause the game on one of them. Still, this seems like a potentially useful feature for households that have more than one Switch console, especially with the ability to sync up your game saves to the cloud.

Other than that, new features from the firmware update include the ability to post up to four pictures from your Switch console at once to social media platforms, and new profile icons from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker—that is, if your image of Toad is still pure after certain U.S. politics-related news from yesterday.

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