Nintendo UK Reveals its Strategy for 2DS, Will Avoid Confusion with 3DS and DS

Nintendo UK Reveals its Strategy for 2DS, Will Avoid Confusion with 3DS and DS

Recently Nintendo UK marketing director Shelly Pearce spoke in an interview about Nintendo’s strategy for the 2DS. If you recall, when news first broke out about the new model of the 3DS without the 3D effects, a sizable amount of gamers were displeased. Concerning the aesthetics, Pearce stated that:

2DS looks very different, that’s one key advantage. There’s no mistaking that this is a different product to the DS. And we will clearly communicate to retail and we will clearly communicate online. We will be supporting 2DS on TV. And the name itself helps. I don’t think it will be an issue. When you first look at it you might think it’s complicated, but it’s quite a simple proposition. It does everything 3DS does, but at an entry-level price point and in 2D.

She also gave the reason for the existence of the 2DS and who it’s aimed at:

We saw an opportunity in the market for an entry-level gaming device. It is a streamlined, value gaming system for those younger kids. We have had great momentum behind 3DS, and we are moving into peak season with some key titles that will appeal to that younger kid market. We are essentially appealing to existing DS owners or young gamers about to enter gaming for the first time, who were perhaps mucking about on Mum and Dad’s phone and they are looking for a good in-depth gaming device. That is where we see 2DS fitting in.

On that note, Nintendo has a special advertising campaign for 2DS and Pokemon X and Y. And we find out what that advertising campaign will entail:

We are looking at TV, we will be online, we will be working on specific point-of-sale within retail, we will be looking at 2DS outdoor advertising, and we will have 2DS messaging on radio and it will complement the Pokémon advertising, which sits alongside Animal Crossing as our biggest campaign of the year, and will kick off towards the end of September, with a big TV, print and online campaign.

In other words, it seems that I was completely spot-on in my analysis of the 2DS.