Nintendo Unveils New Developer Portal Site, Replacing

Nintendo Unveils New Developer Portal Site, Replacing

Amidst the hubbub stirred by the rumors regarding Nintendo allegedly distributing NX development kits, the Kyoto-based company also unveiled their new developer portal site.

The developer portal is divided into three categories: Game Developers, Tool Developers and Publishers. The site also details some of its own functions, as well as the development tools it offers:

This new website had one goal—to make your lives easier. We’re hard at work making more and better tools to help you self-publish, digitally publish, and publish at retail.

We’ll soon have advanced project tracking and ROM submission, project-based message boards and more, helping you with every step—from concept, to publish, to counting your accolades. And as always, you’ll have the best global developer support team ever, right from the start, making the Nintendo Developer Portal your go-to resource.

Our newest gem in the box is the NDI Client. NDI stands for Nintendo Dev Interface, but it’s really going to be your new best friend. The NDI Client will help make sure you have the optimal development environment on your development system — by downloading and installing it all for you! You can tailor it to the platform you’re developing for, the SDK you want, even the region you’re working in. It allows easy download of all the relevant guidelines and documentation you need to do your work. It even allows you to update the firmware of certain development kits.

The new site replaces the old WarioWorld page, which considering the design was clearly for the best.