Nintendo Unveils “Zelda Data Restoration Channel”

on December 21, 2011 10:15 AM

So about that glitch in Skyward Sword that brings your game progress to a grinding halt. Nintendo has said they are working on fixing the problem. The company has formed a solution, and to correct the corrupted data have wrought the Zelda Data Restoration Channel.

Yes, Nintendo Japan has released a full Wii Channel to counteract the issue, which will patch save files created after the glitch. Players can find it in the Wii Shopping Channel in the Wii Channel section. There is no word yet on whether Nintendo of America will be following suit, and for now American Wii owners must send their systems into the company for internal repair. Convenient, no. Effective, no. Let this be a lesson to Nintendo to join the DLC party — the Internet is your friend, guys!

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