Nintendo Video Impressions

Nintendo Video Impressions

When the Nintendo 3DS first released, there was a video that came along with the first system update called “White Knuckles” by OK Go. The 2 minute or so music video was put right on the home screen, and was eventually removed by the time the 3DS eShop came out. Now a new “app” called Nintendo video has recently released, and it collects random videos from the internet or from using the SpotPass feature, puts them all into one place.

Right now there are four videos downloaded and ready to be watched, and they are “Sunday Jog,” “Dinosaur Office,” “Captain America” trailer, and an introduction to the app called “What is Nintendo Video?”

What’s cool so far has been the fact that I can leave the system on sleep mode or play something else, and the videos will still be downloaded into the system. All the videos can be viewed in 3D and look pretty good. Unfortunately, the Captain America trailer does not fill up the entire top screen which makes the video a bit small. I don’t know why they did this, but it’s definitely not as good as it should have been.

What’s interesting is that each video comes with a “Like us on Facebook” link on the bottom screen, and clicking this brings you to the Nintendo 3DS internet browser. I guess you might as well capitalize while giving away free videos to download.

The app is a cool freebie to mess around with, so go and download it from the eShop now.