Nintendo Wii U to Sell at a Loss at Launch?

Nintendo Wii U to Sell at a Loss at Launch?

We sadly do not have the answer to that question,but apparently, neither does Iwata himself.

The president of Nintendo announced at an investor Q&A that they were still considering it and hadn’t reached something definitive on the matter.


“I have no definitive information on whether we will sell the Wii U in the red or on the suggested retail price for the hardware at this stage.”

“I hope you understand that we are trying to take appropriate measures to handle the various issues we are aware of concerning the launch of the Wii U.”

Considering the big unexpected price drop that surprised everyone, Nintendo should be cautious about this. I don’t think a second ambassador program will fly with gamers.

But then again, if we are to believe the Wii U leaks by french site O1Net, the hardware is pretty expensive to make..