Nintendo Will Discontinue The Club Nintendo Program Later This Year

Nintendo Will Discontinue The Club Nintendo Program Later This Year

Nintendo has announced that their well-known loyalty program Club Nintendo will be closing down later this year in all territories. The company plans to launch a new customer loyalty program.

However, each territory will have its own closure schedule. Starting off with North America:

  • January 20th : Products released after this date are not eligible for registration with Club Nintendo
  • March 31st : Last day to earn Coins, register products with Club Nintendo, and sign up for new Club Nintendo membership
  • June 30th : Last day to redeem Coins or access your account on the Club Nintendo website. Club Nintendo program shuts down at 11:59pm PT on 6/30/2015.

The European Club Nintendo (and South Africa) has a quite different schedule, not to mention it will close down at a later date.

  • April 1st 2015: From this date, Nintendo will no longer include product registration cards with its packaged games, so such products cannot be registered in Club Nintendo. You may still find product registration cards in games that were in stock before this date, however.
  • April 20th 2015: Termination of the registration of digital products downloaded from Nintendo eShop. Digital products obtained from Nintendo eShop after this date will no longer appear in the My Registered Games & Systems page in Club Nintendo. In addition, surveys for download software titles will no longer be available.
  • September 30th 2015: End of Club Nintendo program. All Club Nintendo features, such as signing up as a new member, logging in as a registered member, earning Stars, and exchanging Stars for items from the Stars Catalogue will no longer be possible from this date.

Club Nintendo Japan will have the same procedure but will have its own schedule as well. Additionally, due to the program closing soon, Club Nintendo Japan added a variety of rewards including a 4,000 yen Nintendo card and variety of Virtual Console games.

North American Club Nintendo Members will be able to claim their Elite Status Gift between April 1 and April 30, 2015. A list of the Elite Status 2015 gifts will be posted here once announced.

In Europe, both New Nintendo 3DS and XL will not come with registration cards. Bundles that come with a game however will still include a registration code for the game.

Additionally, once the new loyalty program launches in North America and Europe, Club Nintendo members will be able to download Flipnote Studio 3D to a Nintendo 3DS system for free. If you have any questions, make sure to check out your respective territory’s FAQ as it provides all answers regarding the program’s closure.