Nintendo Will Now Repair All Joy-Cons with “Drifting” Problems for Free

Nintendo Will Now Repair All Joy-Cons with “Drifting” Problems for Free

Nintendo now seems to be fixing the Joy-Con drifting issue the best way they can.

After reports about Nintendo’s “Joy-Con drift” problem, the company has decided to fix the issue. This comes after Nintendo first addressed the ongoing issue on Monday. The problem became so big so fast that there was even a law firm looking to potentially bring it to court.

Vice has now reported that Nintendo has informed its customer service representatives to repair all Joy-Cons with this problem for free. Vice obtained this information from an inside source who wishes to remain anonymous.

For those who are dealing with this, but have no warranty, you are still able to send your Joy-Cons in for zero cost. At first, owners would have to pay $4 to have the Joy-Cons repaired. Apparently, it is only a temporary fix according to Kotaku’s original report bringing the issue to light. If you already had your Joy-Cons repaired in another manner, you can get a refund. All that is required for the refund is proof that you have had them repaired.


Nintendo has yet to comment directly on this new report, but it is likely that they will make a statement soon with the news being known.

If you are an owner of Joy-Cons that are experiencing drift, you can submit a help ticket to get the repairing process started. There is no telling if there will be a permanent fix to the issue in an updated model. Nintendo already stated that they have nothing in the works regarding updated Joy-Cons with a D-pad after announcing the Nintendo Switch Lite, so an updated model doesn’t sound likely at the moment.

We will keep you updated on this story as it progresses.