Nintendo's First Original Mobile Game, Dragalia Lost, Detailed in Latest Direct

Nintendo's first original IP Dragalia Lost has been detailed, including multiplayer, combat details, and what the story looks like.

We’ve known about Nintendo’s upcoming mobile gameDragalia Lost, for quite some time. After testing the waters with a few different projects–MiitomoAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Fire Emblem Heroes–we are finally seeing Nintendo invest in the mobile in an entirely new way: an original IP. Teaming up with expert Tokyo-based mobile developers Cygames, Nintendo is making a strong case for itself when the game releases on September 27.

The story tells about a world inhabited by both dragons and humans, at one point in harmony. A sacred shard is able to protect the world against monsters… however, it is fading in power. That is where you as the protagonist steps in. Taking the role as an Alberian Prince (which happens to have his fair share of dragon blood flowing through his veins) you are tasked to save the world. Even better, you team up with one of the ancient dragons to liberate the world.

As you may have noted in the game’s intro trailer, Dragalia Lost is very much an ARPG. The Direct focuses on a fair amount of combat strategy, showing not only normal combat but some of the encounters with bosses as well. Through the game you are able to bond with stronger dragons, and the human characters in your party are similarly able to shapeshift to dragons. Each dragon will play differently in battle.

The adventurers in the team are split into: attack, defense, support, and healing. Weapons and abilities follow a rock-paper-scissors routine in battle, gaining different advantages and disadvantages in battle. There are more than 60 adventures when the game launches.

There are four ways to get stronger that alleviate grinding: Leveling up your character (which can also be developed through grinding), weapon upgrades (and switching fighting style), mana circle (a node-based skill tree), the Halidom (a world-building element of the game).

Summoning takes a key part of the game. You are able to summon characters with different star levels (from 3 to 5 star); double characters will lead to craftable items instead. Dragons will follow a similar style, with a star-based strength system. To summon, you are able to grind for an in-game item or purchase it outright with microtransactions.

The game does support local multiplayer, with up to three other players. Even better, it extends to every level in the game as well as special events that act more like raid battles.

As mentioned above, Dragalia Lost will become available in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau on September 27 on iOS and Android; there is no word yet on when the game will be making a jump to European regions. Feel free to watch the full 13-minute direct, below:

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